Unequal Exchange ( Karma part two)

I remember what an old friend of mine said to me: " Cat luck ain't dog luck!" . It's an old Barbadian saying meaning: what works for one person, may not work for you. This was in response to a conversation we were having where we were equating the situations between myself and another person. She was warning me that at the end of the day what worked for them might not work as well for me so it may be best to remove myself from the situation. While I do agree with her, it brings me back to my definition of karma. Given my definition it should be possible to achieve the same success as given the same situation using the same technique. This however is not as straightforward as situations solely involving oneself. From the time other people are involved. Things get messy. The words of other people become the biggest obstacle you have to face.

It is said that the power of life and death are held within the tongue. And its true ( even to that extreme). If you accept the negative rantings of other people, slowly they will take seed in your mind and bear fruit. "You'll never get that job." , "You're not good enough for him/her." ; These common place phrases that even some of our "friends" use do detriment to our hopes and dreams, shortchanging us for something unequal in value: Failure for success.

To defeat this negative attitude, there are two methods that I have found to be successful. Both are based on my view of

1) Simply refuse to accept that person's words. Say it out loud if you have to. As much as possible do not let your mind rest on the negativity that has just entered your life. Reaffirm your belief that you will attain your goal.

2) On the other hand you can try to attain your goal by reinforcing it through a new definition. "I will prove them wrong. My ability and potential are greater than even I can imagine." It might seem childish to base the success on trying to prove someone wrong. But sometimes, our most childish emotions and reasonings are the most powerful. Why not use it for something good?

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