Lost opportunites

Saturday was a day of great frustration; at least in terms of my musical career. For the last three months I have been spending large amounts of my time, energy and money into trying to improve my craft as a musician, by expanding on my knowledge of performance through several exercises. The culmination of this "workshop" was a showcase, where the members who have participated would display the numerous talents that they would have learned. However, for the last two weeks, various members of the workshop group have been 'benin' ( For the definition of this word see this blog post by a friend/mentor of mine )and as such have not been attending practice as other 'dedicated' members have been. I in particular find it a very strange occurrence given a conversation members of this workshop had a couple weeks ago ( outlined in the linked post above). After talking about those people who spurned the opportunity to take part in this workshop, only to ruminate on the missed opportunity later, these members now not only destroy the opportunity for themselves, but eliminate the opportunity of the others in the workshop to showcase their talent. For me especially it is a difficult blow to take because this workshop for me was an opportunity to expound and realise my potential. Somehow some people didn't think their participation in the final stages of the program were needed. That they could show up on the last day and because we need the numbers they would be included. However, it will be my sorrowful duty to inform them that the dedicated members of this workshop will not reduce themselves to such mediocre standards.
P.S I spoke one of the the people who were benin at a show we were both attending. She seemed ever so sad and disappointed about not being able to sing, although she has not been present for two straight weeks. It took all of my neighbourly good will nature not to reduce myself to behaviour not befitting someone of my potential. " A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." Too bad we were unable to chop the bad ones before the chain broke.


Ryan said...

One can see the passion or should I say the frustration in this piece...what do you do to ease this pressure?

Maverick said...

Honestly, part of the frustration still lingers. However as one of my friends who was also disappointed by the happenings. She reminded me of my own that life will work out. She said... " Our chance will come. " My belief in my talent and potential will not let this setback keep me down. Ive already started to network with a friend of mine to see if we can produce a showcase of our own.