Growing Pains

Have you every looked back and realised how far you are from the person you were, then only to realise that some parts of you are still the same? There are somethings that we all should keep; those altruistic properties that we all have within us. The traits I speak of are not of those ilk. There are the niggling bad habits and attitudes that seem to stick to us so well, we even forget that they are there, waiting for their chance to pull you down. Today, I talked to an old friend of mine. She was always a so called "sage" to me. She's not much older than me in terms of age, but much older than me in terms of life. She reminded me of an old habit I have that in the long run could cause me major problems in my life. This time she used a perfect example of how this trait could not only damage me in the future, but how it could be damaging me right now.

As soon as she spoke of it, my heart sunk. It was something i had forgotten to pick up and throw away on my quest to live up to my potential; A link from my past that had yet to be broken. Then I realised that I should not beat myself up for the mistake I made. I reminded myself of something I had read a while back: " The road to self-improvement never ends." I had become so happy with the place that I was currently at, that I had forgotten that I was no where near finished with my task. In fact, it is a task that will never be finished. The flame of inspiration lit within me again. So as i sit writing this post a new quote comes to mind. " Growing pains are the signs of unfinished business. " Thank you "sage."

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